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struggling to escape the 

cash flow roller coaster? 


Do you spend countless hours on lead generation and business development, but see very little in the way of results? 

Are you tired of going it alone, spinning your wheels, and wasting precious time and energy on tactics and strategies that don’t actually work or generate any revenue for your business?

Imagine how you will feel if you no longer wake up every single day wondering where your next client is coming from.

What if attracting your ideal clients, earning premium fees, doubling your revenues, and creating steady, predictable cash flow are more achievable than you thought, even in a down market?

Intrigued? Then, you've come to the right spot...

RevSherpas will show you how to do this (and more) faster than you ever thought possible!

When you join the RevSherpas client family, we will work with you on a private 1-on-1 basis and you and your firm will be our top priority!  As we do not offer group coaching, you will not feel isolated and get lost in the shuffle. 

You won't be supported by junior resources or have to search aimlessly for guidance and direction in a Facebook group that is poorly organized and moderated...Nor will you have to wait for hours on a training call with a bunch of others to merely ask one quick question.

We know you deserve better than that! After all, you're a business owner or CXO and your time is valuable, right? That's why we intentionally only work with a handful of clients at a time so we can provide an unrivaled, personalized level of service and deliver real results in a short window of time

You matter and we are here to help grow your business!

We'll partner with you to operate more efficiently and plan, prioritize, and deploy powerful NO-COST, LOW-COST marketing, sales, client engagement, and relationship building strategies that allow you to:

  • Create more compelling offers that generate all the high-qualified leads you can handle
  • Convert more sales at a rate higher than you've ever seen before
  • Optimize your pricing so you can get paid what you're worth (finally!)

Wouldn't it be great to get your time back, take control of your business, and create sustainable growth in any economy without having to spend a cent more on your marketing or advertising?

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll start seeing results and moving forward with confidence and clarity to build a hyper-profitable business on your terms


Our promise to you:  

Our internationally proven and proprietary Client Connect!™ formula will empower and enable you to uncover a minimum of $100,000 in untapped additional annual revenue for your business or agency within 90 days...GUARANTEED!  

If for whatever reason, we do not deliver these specific results at the conclusion of your 90 day consulting engagement, you'll promptly receive your entire investment back, no questions asked...Plus, we will keep working with you at no additional fee to you for as long as it takes to achieve these milestones.  

We are committed to your transformation and success and we are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations. When you partner with RevSherpas, you'll get the results you're looking for quickly, inexpensively, and with less effort. Thus, why we offer and stand behind our bold 100% money back results guarantee.  

IMPORTANT: We even have flexible payment plans and commission based models if we think you are a great fit.


Money Back Guarantee

Check out the results we achieved for some of our client family members...

Shabiha Nishi

Digital Agency Owner

Moonlight Media Marketing

Ever since I've started working with Kevin, I've quadrupled my booked appointments, stabilized my staffing issues, and secured more renewals.

I also gained clarity on how to organize my day-to-day tasks and systems by simplifying my infrastructure, streamlining my systems, and laying the foundation for a more profitable future growth

Jake Roberts

Co-Owner & CEO

Roberts Relations

Kevin has consistently displayed a strong commitment and passion for my businesses success. The idea of scaling up had floating around our team for almost a year. Kevin has helped bring the goal focus and clarity with actionable steps.

My understanding of marketing and effective copy has grown significantly. Per his advice, I've increased revenue from my current clients by nearly 50%.

His profit acceleration tool is an excellent guideline for future success and gives me a lot of confidence. I'd pick Kevin if I were you!

Jake Richardson


Jake Richardson Consulting Group

Kevin has helped me navigate starting a second business, his help has assisted me in doubling my monthly revenue in just a few short months.

His approach and real world examples that are outlined in his program are second to none. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Kevin so I can maximize each of my businesses.

If you own a business and need help scaling, Kevin is your guy.

He has the ability to look at things from a unique angle to help you get the most out of your business as well as implement strategies that will compliment current efforts. Thank you for your help, Kevin!

Nolan Chislett


Chief Marketing Services LLC

Kevin was extremely helpful in laying the proper foundation and giving the tools to help me have a strong start to my business.

He assisted in educating me about the proper metrics, holding accountability for myself, as well as helping me find different and creative ways to increase revenue.

Samuel Chuang

Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Cirrus Spark

A web dev & social media agency

Kevin has been working with us for the last 3 months starting from December. He is great at solving our problems and implementing new ones to bring more traction towards our service.

What I like most about his program is our 3 hour long planning session where we discussed about the current state of our business and then plan out a roadmap for everything from A-Z for 1+ year down the line.

I recommend Kevin to anyone who's starting out their entrepreneurship journey and need clear guidance on where to start! Thank you Kevin!

Loys Parker

Founder, Best Shoe Price

Owner, Ideal Design & Solutions

As a result of working with Kevin Wessels, I went from relying on referrals for getting clients to learning how to create an automated sales process.

I even started building a team that handles prospecting for me, and has allowed me more time freedom.

Alexander De Sousa

Founder, CEO

Royal Wares, a full service digital agency

I chose to work with Kevin while my business was still just an idea. I wanted to work with Kevin initially to keep me accountable and aligned to the best path. As a result I ended up giving up my regular job, committing to my business full time, opening up an office and employing my first staff member after our first meeting. Since then I have continued to grow the business further.

Because of Kevin's approach I ended up focusing on numbers and metrics I hadn't previously even considered or thought I was too small to look at. These numbers have been incredible performance metrics to work with and to build the business around. I have also been able to identify and manage risks very early on, some of which I would have never even thought of myself.

Overall with Kevin's help I avoided a lot of the pitfalls of new businesses and helped my business become immediately aligned to a higher standard.

Some examples of what Kevin has done for our business:
- Kept it moving forward and identifying the next steps while I work on the current
- Guidance over hiring and managing employees
- Provided a wealth of resources for whatever problem I have at the time
- Shaped the financials and targets we work towards

On top of all this Kevin is a genuinely incredible person whom I always look forward to speaking with. He's knowledgeable, understanding and always has something valuable to contribute.

Nicole Dornsife


Thornwolf Creative Services

Kevin helped me dial in my focus and get a clear vision of what my business should be.

Before his guidance, I was all over the place with too many possible directions to go in and I stalled out, unsure of where I should go from here.

By speaking with Kevin, I was able to see my business through fresh eyes as he shared with me honest truths about my current state, my true potential, and where my talents could best be applied for immediate success as well as achieving long-term goals.

He's really easy to talk to, a great listener, and genuinely cares about the people behind the businesses he's helping, and I really feel like he has my best interests as an individual at heart. 

I would work with Kevin again in a heartbeat.

Cindy Whitmer

Founder & CEO

The Inspiration Center

From the moment I connected with Kevin at a professional conference, I was impressed with his expertise & approachability. Then I dug deeper & what I found was an unending collection of resources meticulously created & packaged together by him to assist business owners in effectively branding, marketing, & building empires through a variety of angles & approaches. 

Joining the RevSherpas Business Elevation Program with his Private 1-on-1 Consulting Services was one of the best decisions I have ever made! 

Through his diligent efforts & persistent attention to my business goals, he has helped me completely change my branding & marketing approaches, which has enhanced how I communicate to my target audience & led to greater sales & impact.

My confidence as a business owner has grown right along with my business, & I know the sky is the limit! If you are ready to dive deep but are unsure about investing in Kevin's program, be assured the return on that investment will be astronomical!

Kevin goes above & beyond, regularly over-delivering with what seems to be an endless supply of business tools, creative approaches, & wise counsel to get his clients even further than they thought they could.

I will be forever grateful for his teachings & unprecedented support.

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Do you struggle with sales?  If so, you're not alone.  Are you and your sales teams experiencing any of these frustrations?

  • Inconsistent lead flow and low closing ratios
  • Infrequent and low-quality referrals
  • Little to no renewals or repeat business
  • Having to discount frequently to win deals
  • Wild month-to-month revenue swings
  • Weak ROI on paid advertising campaigns

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